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Nobody doubts the benefits of the sun, but we all know must be taken in moderation and well protected: too much sun is harmful not only to our skin, but health in general.Evita the central sun exposure in daylight hours , especially between 11 and 16 h.Protégete the sun with a good cream. Choose the right protection factor for your skin, depending on your skin type, but the first few days, or if your skin is very clear, in any case need very alta.Aplica protection cream before leaving home. Be generous: you should use about 35 ml in each application of sunscreen (like 5 tsp) Repeat the application every two hours, after showering after sports ... The cream is not unique to the beach: note that in the field or mountain also you need protegerte.No think that in the water or under the umbrella are protected: the umbrella let 30% of solar.Los radiation experts estimate that daily use (usual during holidays), you need about two boats weekly cream. In our web neztar.co.uk disponemos of all products sun and tanning at the best prices of the most fashionable brands. In this section you will find: Solar Products for children for daily use (low cost) ... all at the best prices so you can buy online and get you straight to your home. En neztar.co.uk somos official distributors, we buy directly from manufacturers, we do not sell copies or imitations. Find here all the news from: delial, NIVEA, Piz Buin, HAWAIIAN TROPIC, BABARIA, ECRAN, BABARIA, SUBLIME SUN, ST.MORITZ ...
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  1. Kids Crema Solar Especial Medusas Spf50 Vaporizador 200 Ml
    Special Price €19.49 Regular Price €31.00
  2. Baby Crema Solar Especial Medusas Spf50 100 Ml
    Special Price €11.38 Regular Price €18.00
  3. Dermolab Crema Niños Spf50 200Ml
    Special Price €13.51 Regular Price €14.56
  4. Denenes Sol Protech Crema Cara & Cuerpo Spf50 300 Ml
    Special Price €11.80 Regular Price €16.11
  5. Denenes Sol Protech Zonas Sensibles Spf50+ 50 Ml
    Special Price €8.04 Regular Price €10.98
  6. Denenes Sol Wet Skin Spray Protector Invisible Spf50 250 Ml
    Special Price €9.46 Regular Price €12.92
  7. Babaria Kids After Sun 300Ml + Aceite Protector
    Special Price €7.67 Regular Price €8.26