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Each hair has its own characteristics. With minimal effort, you can easily learn how to make the best side of your hair. Even if you have a temporary problem, there tested methods for dealing with them. Some examples would be lifeless hair without volume or split ends. Proper care and the right products quickly restore shine and vitality of your hair. Healthy hair owes much to nature but also care habits. Proper care is a long way to perfect hair. The hair needs lots of cuddling, even if you avoid aggressive treatments. Start with a mild shampoo is the beginning of the road. Your hair will be soft and shiny after washing with warm water and with the right shampoo. Each season has its own factors affecting hair. The climatic characteristics of some regions may subject the hair to extreme heat or cold. Fortunately, current care products can erase the effects of environmental conditions. treatment products for premium hair of the most exclusive and luxurious brands. In this section you will find: Products for professional hair special ... all at the best prices so you can buy online and get you straight to your home. En neztar.co.uk somos official distributors, we buy directly from manufacturers, we do not sell copies or imitations. Find here all the news from: BABYLISS PRO, TERMIX, HYSOKI, TUBIFORM, Artero, TONDEO ...
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  1. Universal Diffuser
    Special Price €9.32 Regular Price €16.10
  2. Diffuser For, Portofino, Veneziano, Caruso, Titian, Vincero
    Special Price €5.32 Regular Price €9.20
  3. Head (Blade) For Fx770E - Design 7.5Mm
    Special Price €17.30 Regular Price €22.91
  4. Matifying Retouching Brush And Volume
    Special Price €16.67 Regular Price €32.00
  5. Diffuser Dryer 5559E And 5559Wte
    Special Price €5.32 Regular Price €9.20
  6. For Fx670E Head (Blade) - Design 7.5Mm
    Special Price €23.96 Regular Price €30.98
  7. Head (Blade) Cut To Fx672E
    Special Price €30.61 Regular Price €38.84